Chapter 1

Sleeping quietly wrapped in feathery soft butterfly wings was young ginger-haired girl. The grass she laid on was soft as a baby bunny’s fur. She stretched as the sun rose, reflecting off the glistening surface of a nearby stream. She washed her face in the fresh water; sitting back to she opened her pack. She searched for the prepacked meals of all her favorite foods from home. She had prepared them for this journey as she figured the human realm would not have her favorites foods or even foods that she would like. She hoped she wouldn’t have to stay long because her bag would only hold so much and worse her magic was limited here.

After eating breakfast, she packed her things back in her pack and started her journey. She spread her wings to fly and realized she couldn’t do that here. She had crossed the portal between the fae realm and the human realm the night before. Things were certainly different here. She knew that her magic was limited and that she would have to find ley lines. Ley lines are bands of magic that run through the realms. Magic is strongest near a ley line. Using these she could keep her magic charged. The challenge would be finding them. She had never been good at detecting ley lines.

Photograph by Calystia Moonshadow

She followed the stream for a bit and it lead her to a forest. She kept walking deeper and deeper. The darkness of the forest never bothered her as she loved to flit in and out of the shadows. Her guardians had warned her of the dangers but she never listened. Afterall, they weren’t her real parents. What did they know. She didn’t know who her real parents were so she had set off to find them. She knew one was human and the other fae, but never which was which. No one wanted to talk about it, so she set out on this journey to discover where she came from.

Growing up the kids teased her and called her half-breed. Her tutors had called her hopeless. She knew she was different, but she wasn’t hopeless; she just took a little more time to get it. No one had the patience to teach her or wanted to get to know her. Maybe she was a half-breed, that just made it easier to blend in with the humans.

Now she was off to find her real family. To discover who she was and where she came from. It suddenly hit her, she was alone. She stopped walking and sat down near a big oak tree. She wanted to cry but knew that would do her no good so she pulled out her book and began to make a list of what she would need to do.

  1. Find a safe place to sleep and store belongings.
  2. Find food or ways to get things needed to survive.
  3. Find her human parent.
Photography by Calystia Moonshadow

She reread her list, feeling she was leaving something off. She shrugged and then went on to read for a bit in her book, when she realized the sun was setting. It was getting to late to continue travel. She laid against the big oak, grateful for its protective cover. She snuggled down reading by the glow of the books own magic until she could hardly keep her eyes opened. Putting the book back in her bag, she laid down in the underbrush. She was soon asleep, the the gentle sounds of the woods was a soothing lullaby to her ears. She slept soundly that night. So soundly she didn’t hear the light footsteps approaching her.

Photograph by Calystia Moonshadow

The soft foot falls fell in with the other sounds of the forest. She was use to the sounds of people walking softly by, so she didn’t have the need to fear the approaching sounds. She felt the soft fall of moonlight over her skin though it felt a little different, perhaps it was just being in the human realm.

He quietly approached the girl. He didn’t want to startle her or wake her. He had been watching all day. Eleazar had sensed her cross through the veil. He reached down and picked her up wrapping her in his arms and wings protecting her as he lifted into the air.

She slept right through the two hands scooping her up. There was a sudden warmth wrapping her in a protective shell. She shifted for a second and he thought he’d drop her. He secured her more in his arms and wings. If only the girl knew just how dangerous this forest was. It was good that he found her.