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Luxe Box (October 2016)


Picture by Calystia Moonshadow October 2016


lux-glided-dress-by-isonXylobium Boots The HUD for these boots allow for them to match most outfits.  You can change the straps around the ankle to a complimentary color.
Flowey lux-flowey-adele-top_001Adele Top This velvety top has 5 color options and is a great option for a casual shopping trip, hanging with friends or a date with that special guy/gal.
Foxes lux-tres-leather-skirt-foxy-jacket-and-bra_001Leather Jacket and Bra This leather jacket and bra ensemble is  great. I love that the HUD allows you to change the jacket color as well as the bra color.


{LUX} Glided Dress by Ison.pngGuilded Dress This dress is HUDded to allow for a look for many occasions.


Lamb Vertigo.pngVertigo Fat pack of options to complete any look.


lux-mish-mish-skelly-kittySkelly Kitty This cute adorable kitty is great for any gothic or halloween outfit.



Fat pack of options to complete any look.

Jeune by Rowne

lux-jeune-denim-booiler-by-rowne_001Denim Boiler

Jeune’s Denim Boiler is a good casual outfit for hanging out with friends or exploring what SL has to offer.

Scarlet Creative Scarlet Creative Myrtle Mews.pngMyrtle Mews This cute cottage has 2 size. The large is pictured. The inside is quite cozy.


Autumn Attic_001.pngAutum Attic This quaint skybox is great for a starter apartment.


lux-teefy-neve_001Neve This sexy dress is great for clubbing, shopping, or just dancing with friends.

Tres Bla

lux-tres-leather-skirt-foxy-jacket-and-bra_001Leather Mini Skirt This HUDded leather mini is great addition to any wardrobe. I love the color variations.

Luxe Box (August 2016 )


Picture by Calystia Moonshadow September 2016



by the 14th of each month by 11:59 pm SLT


addams-bodysuitMiriam Bodysuit with Laces This body suit has a wide range of options. You can change the top, the laces, and even the belt separately. If you don’t want the belt you even have an option in the HUD to hide it.


blueberry-halterAugust Top This halter has 4 different body HUD sections (Gold Smile, Silver Smile, Patterns, and Solids). It also has a ribbon HUD. Don’t worry it is all one HUD.

Fancy Décor

luxe-console-and-decor-by-fancy-decor Luxe Console and Decor This lovely console is a great as a sofa table or that entry table. It gives a bit of 80’s elegance to any room.


foxes-body-suitBody Suit I love this bodysuit. The HUD gives versatility with most pants and skirts. I often couple this with my favorite leather mini and the ISON bomber jacket that is included in this month.


ison-cropped-bomber-jacket_001Cropped Bomber Jacket I love this jacket. I have yet to find a casual or club outfit I would not wear it with. You have 8 color options and 2 patterned.


lamb-hairOnly You The Only You Hair comes with a fat pack of HUDs. You get all the naturals, pastels, ROYGBIV, eccentric and ombre huds. You get a rigged and unrigged hair.


;”>mishmish-little-tigerLi’l Tiger Companion These cute cuddly tigers are great. You have 4 static ones with different poses that you can decorate your home with or modify to carry. There is an adorable companion included.


moon-cold-contagion-hair Cold Contagion Great Hair! Color change HUD allows you to be you while having stylish hair. Looks great with Headphones.


ribbon-heels-by-reign_001Ribbon Heels These Slink High shoes are great. I love the versatility of having 2 color HUD choices to change how the base and ribbons look. They can match or they contrast. A must have for any Shoe Closet.


raleigh-bed-by-tartRaleigh Bed This eloquent bed is great for relaxing at home or cuddling with that special someone.


blueberry-halterITEM NAME These sexy shorts are a great addition to the Blueberry August top. This item is a fat pack of shorts with a wide color and pattern range.

Tres Bla

slip-dress-tres-blah_001Slip Dress This slip dress with HUD is both simple and eloquent. I love it.