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Welcome back to BabyGirl’s Budget Fashions. This blog for those in SL that are on a budget or just don’t like to spend a lot on clothes. My goal is to create an outfit for under 400L$. I will post on average 2 outfits each weekend. Once a month I will post helpful hints on how to build your accessories or wardrobe with interchangeable items.

If you follow my blog and purchase as we go some outfits will actually cost less than stated. I will place a star (*) beside items that were purchased on previous outfits. By having these items already you cut the cost you are spending on the new outfit.

This month we are going to talk about hair. Many of you have seen the people with really fabulous hair and want to know where they get it. Well I have found a few places that offer really nice hairs for reasonable prices. Yes they occasionally go over 400L$, but it’s Hair! How many outfits can you wear one hair with? ALL of them, so it is really worth the investment to have great hair.

HINT: Buy Hairs with HUDs so you can change you look by changing the color/accessories. I also check out the mentions Hair Stylist InWorld shops for free gifts.

Adhelle by Angel's Designs_001

(250L$ – 265L$)
Truth Hair
(100L$ – 1250L$)
(10L$ – 1650L$)
(250L$ – up)

Please feel free to share your favorites Hair Stylist either INWORLD or on the MARKETPLACE. I’d love to add them to the list of GREAT PLACES TO GET HAIR!