October 1 Alice 2 by Brii Underground Blog.Alice 2 by Brii 208L$ October 3 sexy-space-suit Sexy Spacesuit by Vero Modero 375L$ October 5 some-kind-of-wonderfulSome Kind of Wonderful by Mirror Mirror 355L$ October 7goddess-of-the-night Goddess of the Night by Mirror Mirror 0L$
October 8ghee-turtleneck-mini-blogBurning Giraffe Turtleneck Mini by Ghee 498L$ October 10 autumn-delight Autumn’s Delight by Vero Modero 316L$ October 12 kisment-shattered-blogShattered 488L$ October 15sexy-lynx-blogExotic Lovely Princess by Dirty Princess 457L$
October 15
Calystia MoonShadow
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October 17vm-red-dot-hunt-composit Vero Modero Red Dot Hunt Lady’s Collection 25L$ each October 19indian-summer-b Indian Summer by Petit Chat 675L$ October 22 country-girl-blogJunina Caipirinha Costume by Brii 124L
October 24take-me-gold-b Take Me Gold 300L$ October 26 crime-fighter-abbyCrime Fighter Abby 368L$ October 29 rhps-frank-n-furterRocky Horror Picture Show: Frank N Furter 439L$ October 31autumn-cream-delight-bAutumn Delight by Vero Modero 300L$
October 27pc-ella-gown Ella Gown 175L$ — 519L$