• Kismet’s Kloset, my first ever sponsor, has gone out of business.
May 2 Egg-cellently Sexy but CasualEgg-cellently Sexy but Casual

Price: 404L$ Sponsor: Petit Chat Event: Inspirations (Esmeralda – April/May 2017), Avenue (May 1-26, 2016)

May 6Flowery Casual Spring Flowery Casual Spring

Price: 480L$ Sponsor:  SLC   & Petit Chat 

May 11 SHORTS SET Kali Ko Timeless Maggie (TWELVE May post 1)Timeless Maggie

Price: 369L$ Sponsor: Kali Ko Timeless, SlackGirl, Something New Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 16 12 MC Blossom TWE12VE Blossoms

Price: 250L$ Sponsor:  Headdesk,   Midnyte Creations,    LIVIA  Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 19 12 Bad Seed by LLTwelve Bad Seed

Price: 445L$ Sponsor:  Petit Chat   Love Lace,   Livia, Charme    Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 20TCH Blossoms Reflections of a Psychedelic Flowery Chapter

Price: 345L$ Sponsor: Petit Chat, c*C*c, Ambrosia, Psychedelic Peas Event: The Chapter Four May 4-26, 2017

May 21 SLC Double Ruffle Micro Skirt Flower & Lace up TopBlossoming Summer

Price: 393L$ Sponsor: SLC, & Petit Chat

May 26 bh in bloom.pngMay in Bloom (TWE12VE)

Price: 344L$ Sponsor: Beautiful Hustler, Petit Chat, Glamorize, Oleander, SlackGirl Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 27 CAPRIS SET SLC Crop top with Capris_001Relaxing on the Beach

Price: 199L$ Sponsor: SLC

May 28 GL Lamdada Skirt TwelveTwelve Garden Cherry Blossoms

Price: 454L$ Sponsor:   GL,    Petit Chat,    Magika,  Eniipose    Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 29 Spring Blossom Queen (TWE12VE)Spring Blossom Queen (TWE12VE)

Price: 393L$ Sponsor: Sexy Princess,   It!,   Petit Chat,   Magika  Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

May 30 Dress Desires Boutique KellyHarness Dress.pngKelly Harness Dress (TWE12VE)

Price: 199L$ Sponsor: Desires Boutique, Magkia Event: TWE12VE May 12 – 31, 2017

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