Chapter 3

Photograph by Calystia Moonshadow

A light mist lingered in the morning air. There was an unnatural quiet in the house. In the distance you could hear the slamming of doors and heavy footfalls getting closer. Then a sudden booming voice with a heavy deep accent found only in the highlands. “Where in the bloody realm is my husband!”

The doors of Eleazar’s room flew open like thunder. Everyone jumped suddenly; startled awake There was a loud piercing scream as a small figure, almost forgotten by the bothers, dives off the bed away from the three towering men. She pulls the covers with her as if they would protect or conceal her.

Ailwyn moved over to Asgier speaking in a calm loving tone. He explained what had transpired the night before. It took a few minutes but Asgier’s temper calmed rather quickly. Meanwhile, Eleazar moved slowly and cautiously towards the young girl. As he moved closer she pulled the blanket closer around her. Eleazar move ever so slowly closer to her, he didn’t want her to feel cornered or trapped. She whimpered and moved away from him. He moved back a little not sure how adept she was with her magic.

As he moved back he got a whiff of her essence. The scent of raw magic filled his nostrils. This girl was addictive and dangerous to demons and other of a darker nature. Her magic was raw; that in itself was dangerous. He could almost guarantee that it was untrained.

Asgier realized that something wasn’t right with his brother-in-law. Then he saw the girl and dove over the bed pulling her from her concealment. The two tumbled out the open balcony doors stopping near the stone railing. Startled by the large human man tumbling her to the balcony she whimpered and sat perfectly still for a few seconds. Then she looked around. She wasn’t in the forest as she had been the night before when she went to sleep.

She twitched her finger as if summoning someone or something to her. Her backpack disappeared from beside the bed and into her hand. Then she hunched forward arching her back as her feathery soft wings reappeared. Then without a thought she jumped on the balcony railing and started to jump when she looked down and realized that she wasn’t a couple of stories up, but high enough that she could see the veil she had crossed on the other side of the forest. She got light-headed and fell forward over the edge. She spiraled down toward the ground struggling to extend her wings so that she could soften her landing. She had never fallen from this high up, and her fear of heights was overcoming her.

Eleazar dove over the edge of his balcony as he often did for fun but this time he didn’t fully extend his wings so that he could catch up to the plummeting fae. Why had the foolish girl jumped off the balcony if she didn’t know how to fly? After a few seconds he caught up with her. He grabbed ahold of her lightly at first then more snuggly as she fought against him. The scent of her fear filling the air around them. Once he was certain he had a good grip he fully extended his wings and flew up to his room with her again.

He walks over and carefully placed the young girl on the bed. She moved quickly away from him. Her guardian had been right about the shadows, but worse of all she hadn’t left the fae realm after all. How could the spell have failed? Or had it? Humans weren’t allowed in the fae realm, right? Besides demons are forbidden there as well.

Ailwyn and Asgier both slowly moved toward the bed. Ailwyn was talking in a calming voice “It’s okay baby girl. You are safe here.” She started moving away from them when she realized she was moving closer to the one who had carried her back up. She realized that she had no where to go and began to whimper. It was then that the tall dark hair man with the deep voice, slowly moved closer sliding the elf slightly aside. “Canna ya tell us your name, darlin’?”

She looked up at him something about him calmed her a bit. “I…I.. I don’t remember.” she stammered. “Wh…wh…where am I?” She looked from the two sitting beside her, they seemed to be trying to make her comfortable. Asgier placed his large hand lightly over hers and she pulled it way quickly but didn’t move way from him.

“You’re in the Tween realm” Ailwyn answered. The girl’s eyes widened.

“That’s a myth!” She exclaimed. A realm where humans, half-breeds, demons, and well those that want to be with them reside is impossible. The sheer conflicts in magics would cause such a place to explode, at least that was what she was taught. Could her spell have gone awry?

Eleazar moved closer to the bed hearing her meek voice show a bit of force in her surprise. The girl whimpered a second and he backed away and pulled a chair closer to the end of the bed and sat down pulling his wings in so they draped like a leather cape behind him. Why was she still afraid of him; afterall, he had only saved her twice? He did kind of enjoy it?

Ailwyn and Asgier softly answered together “It does, sweetheart.” Ailwyn continued with a soft soothng smile on his face “How is it you came to cross the veil?”

She looked up nervously at the two that obviously loved each other. She smiled slightly and ran a finger along the edge of her wings and made them vanish once again.


Hello, I'm Calystia Moonshadow. Okay so its my nom de plume. I create digital art and write short stories. This blog is here to share my creations. These creations will be kept family friend. The read ability will be geared for older students though adults and younger students my enjoy the stories as well.

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