Chapter 2

Ailwyn sat near the moon portal with Tutaki. She kept flitting and prancing around the pillars trying to get his attention, but Ailwyn was lost in thought. He had been quiet for a few days. While his family accepted his choice to marry a human, they even loved him, he kept feeling there was something hidden. Perhaps even a secret that neither of them knew even existed. He had tried to shake the feeling, but it had been bothering him since the moon portal has started acting strange a couple of days ago.

Photograph by Calystia Moonshadow

Tutaki jumped suddenly and growled lowly as the portal flickered. It had been doing that a lot lately. Ailwyn hated guarding the portal but he couldn’t ask others to do what he wouldn’t do. It was not beneath his status as Queen to guard the moon portal. Though he did miss his unescorted frolics in the woods, he had a duty as Queen. Afterall, those adventures had led him to his true love. He couldn’t imagine life without Asgier.

Asgier had been there when he needed someone. He couldn’t had made it through the struggle of becoming Queen without him. They enjoyed long walks on the beach and quiet nights at home. Best of all, having someone special with which to attend dances and parties. It was nice to have someone to share his life with.

Something caught his attention at the portal as it flickered again. He rested his hand on Tutaki’s head to settle her down and watched the portal. Did he see what he thought he had seen? He waived his hands over the portal to focus in on what he thought he saw. It was. A young fae girl had crossed the threshold of the realms. This was rare, he had to know why. If only his twin, Eleazar, hadn’t volunteered to patrol the forest.

Photograph by Calystia Moonshadow

Eleazar arrived back to the family home with the young fae girl in his arms. He laid her down on his bed and pull the covers up over her and settled on a nearby chair watching over her. She looked so sweet and peaceful. What was such a young fae doing out of the Fae realm?

Eleazar had just laid his head back and closed his eyes. “Twinnie? Twinnie! Twinnie!?!” called his brother’s voice.

What!” he answered back strongly and a bit irritated to the voice in his head. He loved his twin brother, but there were times he wish he would just knock on doors like everyone else. He heard some shuffling in his bed and looked over. Did he answer out loud as well? He stopped for a second and watched her sleep. He took a deep breath and accidently breathed in some of her fae essence. He had to be careful.

You still in the forest? There’s a young fae girl that just crossed the realms.” His brother kept going. He was talking about the girl and Eleazar couldn’t get a word in otherwise.

No and yes I know about the girl. I was nearby when she crossed and followed her. She’s now here in my bed.” Eleazar answered back softly this time trying not to disturb the girl.

A soft breeze blew in from the opening on the balcony and the girl shifted pulling the blankets up around her more to ward off the chill. Then there was a soft pop near the foot of the bed. The girl sat up looked around half awake then laid back down and went back to sleep. The two brothers breathed a sigh of relief. Eleazar reached up and popped Ailwyn on the back of the head. “What were you thinking? Hello FAE; sensitive to ALL magic?”

“Sorry, I forgot.” Ailwyn said his voice soft but cracking. “I just wanted to see her.” Both brothers watched her for a few minutes. However, the longer they watched her the more she shifted and moved under the blankets. The brothers sat in chairs by the fire and discussed what to do about her. What had brought the girl here was the first question. She was to young to travel the realms alone.

Photograph by Calystia MoonShadow

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Hello, I'm Calystia Moonshadow. Okay so its my nom de plume. I create digital art and write short stories. This blog is here to share my creations. These creations will be kept family friend. The read ability will be geared for older students though adults and younger students my enjoy the stories as well.

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