Playful Unicorn Time

Playful and fun but knows how to relax for a good story.

08-08-18 Royal Pain_001.png

Photograph by Calystia MoonShadow  August 2018

Featured Items:
    • Royal Pain ~ Royal Playtime. This adorable overall set has 6 options for 75L$ each or 375L$ for the fat pack. Each outfit comes with matching shoes. They also fit toddleedoo baby & kid as well as Bebe mesh bodies. The pattern options are ice cream, rainbows, and unicorns.
  • HAIR:
    • Baby Princess Kid ~ Molly Browns. This adorable hair is a great find. You can get it on the Molly Browns for 225L$ or in world. Check out the other colors available.
  • Furniture:
    • Royal Pain ~ Floor pillow Unicorn. This sweet floor pillow is created by the same person who made the adorable overalls. There are a variety of pillow options available in world for 25L$.

Body Basics:

  • Vivianna:

    • Body — Toddleedoo BabyGirl
    • Head — Toddleedoo #KIKIKI
    • Eyes — Turducken Toddleedoo Stardust Eyes (Milkyway Blue)
    • Skin — Lacey Peach Basic
    • Shape — Lacey Peach Basic Modified




RoyalPainLogo pink


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