Archive | April 25, 2018

TWE12VE — Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What a little princess you are? Riding the moon so high, Bratting with the stars so nigh.

TrAsHeD ~ Damzel Dress Cindi_001.png

Photograph by Calystia MoonShadow  April 2018

Featured Items:
  • DRESS:
    • Trashed ~ Damsels Dress Cindi. Become a sexy fairy tail princess with this corset dress. You can become Cinderella, Auriel, Snow White, and 2 other princesses. Each corset dress can be found for 115L$ at this month’s TWE12VE Event.
  • SHOES:
    • Uni-qu3 ~ Aramela chain boots. Most princesses have felt chained at sometime by someone or something. Show those chains off with this fashionable look. Best of all these shoes come with a texture hud to change it up for your favorite outfit. You can find these shoes for 120L$ at this month’s TWE12VE Event.
  • HAIR:
    • Truth ~ Teanna with bang extentions. You can get this hair in store only. It is a previous group gift that can be purchased. It comes as a fat pack to worth the price. Join the group for 350L$ and get a free fact packs of hair or other gifts.

Lush Poses - Dreaming of you Pillow_001.png

  • POSE:
    • Lush Poses ~ Dreaming of you Pillow. Sweet Dreams my bratty princess. This sweet prop has 10 poses to create your own story. Get this pose in store for 250L$.

Body Basics:

  • Caly:

    • Body — Maitreya Lara with modification
    • Head — Catwa Tala with modification
    • Eyes — Ikon Sovereign Eyes Sky
    • Skin — ESODE Olivia
    • Shape — Catwa with modification