TWE12VE — Sunset Walk

Showing off even when you think no one will see?

3-15-18 SunSet Walk.png

Photograph by Calystia MoonShadow  March 2018

Featured Items:
  • TOP:
    • Sass — Bree set. This sexy skirt and tank comes complete with matching shoes. The texture hud is great too and allows for mixing and matching of colors.  It is only available for 269L$ at the March 2018 TWE12VE Event.
    • Petit Chat – Rhiannon Necklace. This necklace is simple, which makes it nice for those casual or simple outfits. It has a color hud to allow for complimenting most outfit. It is available March 10th to April 10th at Fantasy Collective for 125 L$.
  • HAIR:
    • Truth — Tenna. This hair is available in store only. It is a previous VIP Gift with bang extention from the bangs pack. The group fee is 350L$ and well worth it with a free fat pack hair each month. This hair can be purchased from the previous group gift wall for 550L$.

3-15-18 Show Me the Shoes.png

  • POSE:
    • Something New Poses Show Me the Shoes by Allyson Dwyer-Applewhyte. Here is another pose from Show Me the Shoes. This one shows off the grace and elegance of walking in the perfect pair of shoes. You can get the set of four poses for 100L$ in world.

Body Basics:

  • Chuck:
    • Teegal Horse avatar
  • Caly:

    • Body — Maitreya Lara with modification
    • Head — Catwa Tala with modification
    • Eyes — Ikon Sovereign Eyes Sky
    • Skin — ESODE Olivia
    • Shape — Catwa with modification



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