Daddy? See My Teddy Bear!

This curious little one has found the perfect way to look cute while scaring her parents!

2-4-18 Daddy See My Teddy Bear_001.png

Photograph by Calystia MoonShadow January 2018

Featured Items:
  • Pant Set:
    • Royal Pain — Royal Gretta. This adorable little camper has found a living teddy bear in her new outfit. It comes in with a color hud that has 4 options for the top and the jeans. It also come with these adorably spikey but safe boots.  This outfit comes ready for 2 mesh bodies: Bebe & Toddleedoo. All this for 50L$ at the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Event (February 5th to February 28th)
  • HAIR:
    • Blues — Harley (Red): This cute little hair was an exclusive in a 2016 bebe box. The box comes with outfits, hair and furniture for Mommy and daughter however you have to buy a box for each.  The box cost 1500L$.

2-4-18 SN Bear Hug_001.png

  • POSE:
    • Something NewBear Hug by allysondwyer. I saw the adorable pose and knew instantly the mischief this little angel could cause with as simple bear. You can get this pose on the marketplace for 100L$.

Body Basics:

  • Vivianna:

    • Body — Toddleedoo BabyGirl
    • Head — Toddleedoo #KIKIKI
    • Eyes — Turducken Toddleedoo Stardust Eyes (Milkyway Blue)
    • Skin — Lacey Peach Basic
    • Shape — Lacey Peach Basic Modified





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