Royal Halloween Cuddles


10-21-17 Halloween Teddy bear.pngPicture by Tisephone September 2017


Royal Halloween Teddi 2017 by Royal Pain

Playfully fun and cuddly, this cute outfit is a must have for that active little one. Comes with headband,slippers, rattle, long sleeve t-shirt and pants (bebe, toddleedoo baby & kid sizes).

PRICE: 99L$ each

sml logo - Something New
10-21-17 SN TD Hover board falling.pngPicture by Tisephone

ToddleeDoo Hoverboard Pose by Something New. Don’t forget to capture that first  fall. Learning something new is all about the trying. Remind your little one of his or her first hoverboard experience

PRICE: 100L$

Outfit Sponsored By

RoyalPainLogo pink

Please check out Royal Pain‘s Marketplace and InWorld

 logo - Something NewWant to see more? Visit the Market Place or InWorld

Optional Purchases

(not included in the price of the outfit)


Vivi's Head Shot 6-28-17

Bella (brown)

Price: 200L$


(These rarely change and are not part of the outfit price)

Body: Toddleedoo BabyGirl

Head: Toddleedoo #KIKIKI

Eyes: Turducken Toddleedoo Stardust Eyes (Milkyway Blue)

Skin: Lacey Peach Basic

Shape: Lacey Peach Basic Modified

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