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Rocking the Boat Toddleedoo Style


PANTS SET Royal Pains Sailor TD.pngPicture by Tisephone July 2017


Royal Skipper by Royal Pains

This adorable little sailor’s outfit is a must have for any daddy’s little girl’s closet. Especially if her daddy loves boats like this one’s. This outfit comes complete with hat, shoes, top and pants.


sml logo - Something New
SN Rockstar TDPicture by Tisephone

Rockstar Singer by Something New. This adorable pose comes with the microphone.

This pose was available for a short time at an event in June.

PRICE: Unknow

Outfit Sponsored By

Royal Pains

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sml logo - Something New

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Optional Purchases

(not included in the price of the outfit)

HAIR Baby Molly Browns


Molly – Brown
Price: 225L$

What little girl doesn’t look precious in pigtails buns.


(These rarely change and are not part of the outfit price)

Body: Toddleedoo BabyGirl

Head: Toddleedoo #KIKIKI

Eyes: Turducken Toddleedoo Stardust Eyes (Milkyway Blue)

Skin: Lacey Peach Basic

Shape: Lacey Peach Basic Modified