2017 Year in Review


January 2 slc-dance-partyDance Night Party Dress (Blue) by SLc

Price: 199L$

January 4 lacy-french-discoLacey French Disco

Price: 419L$

January 7 diamonds-rock-by-rurogueDiamond’s Rock by R.U.Rogue

Price: 299L$

January 9 soarin-snowboardingSoaring & Snowboarding

Price: 233L$

January 11 slc-gown-silverDreamy Night by SLC

Price: 144L$

January 14 heres-looking-at-youHere’s Looking at You!

Price: 465L$

January 16my-panda-blogSweet Panda by PPD

Price: 299L$

January 18baby-blue-divaBaby Blue Diva

Price: 259L$

January 21shes-my-bestieShe’s My Bestie by CK

Price: 335L$

January 23gleam-wrapSofia’s Gleam Wrap


January 25SLC Valentine Angel_001.pngValentine Angel by SLC

Price: 209L$

January 30Dont BlameDon’t Blame

Price: 50L$


February 4kisment-alessandra-blogLeather and Lace

Price: 325L$

February 8exquisite-mini-dress-by-slc_001Exquisite Mini Dress

Price: 99L$

February 15 healing-heart-valentineHealing Heart Valentine

Price: 224L$


March 3

laced-tube-dress-by-slc Lovely in Lace

Price: 437L$

March 8Sensational Spots By Petit chat Sensational Spots

Price: 464L$

March 17

luck of the irish

Luck of the Irish

Price: 423L$

March 21

(B) Inspired Bohemian GypsyInspired Bohemian Gypsy

Price: 449L$

March 25Modern GypsyModern Gypsy Inspiration

Price: 449L$

March 28

SLC Sheer Tank and shorts.png

Sheer Tank & Jean Shorts

Price: 89L$


April 4SLC Ladies Jacket and Shorts blue Summer Business

Price: 287L$

April 8DRESS - SLC Sweet Easter Girl Sweet Easter Girl

Price: 99L$

April 10DRESS - Midnyte Creations BubbleHead Spring Flower Dress with Umbrella

April Showers

Price: 448L$

April 22JUMPER - SEVYN EAST April Jumper TWE12VE

April Jumper

Price: 298L$

April 23SHORTS SET - ESKA SteamRain TWE12VESteam Rain

Price: 275L$

April 24

LINGERIE- Blasphemic Micca Bodysuit PurpleMicca Bodysuit

Price: 199L$

April 25SKIRT- Petit Chat Precious DenimPrecious Denim

Price: 509L$

April 26

SHORTS- SLC Bandana Top and Jean Shorts_001Spring Cleaning

Price: 288L$

April 27LINGERIE - Facepalm Spring Love Shirt (Twe12ve)Spring Love Shirt

Price: 150L$

April 28 GOWN- SLC Couture Gown melah blackCouture Melah Gown

Price: 224L$

April 29 PAJAMAS-Love Lace Blue Rain Drop PJs (TWE12VE)_001Blue Rain Drop Pjs

Price: 150L$


May 2 Egg-cellently Sexy but CasualEgg-cellently Sexy but Casual

Price: 404L$

May 6Flowery Casual Spring Flowery Casual Spring

Price: 480L$

May 11 SHORTS SET Kali Ko Timeless Maggie (TWELVE May post 1)Timeless Maggie

Price: 369L$

May 16 12 MC Blossom TWE12VE Blossoms

Price: 250L$

May 19 12 Bad Seed by LLTwelve Bad Seed

Price: 445L$

May 20TCH Blossoms Reflections of a Psychedelic Flowery Chapter

Price: 345L$

May 21 SLC Double Ruffle Micro Skirt Flower & Lace up TopBlossoming Summer

Price: 393L$

May 26 bh in bloom.pngMay in Bloom (TWE12VE)

Price: 344L$

May 27 CAPRIS SET SLC Crop top with Capris_001Relaxing on the Beach

Price: 199L$

May 28 GL Lamdada Skirt TwelveTwelve Garden Cherry Blossoms

Price: 454L$

May 29 Spring Blossom Queen (TWE12VE)Spring Blossom Queen (TWE12VE)

Price: 393L$

May 30 Dress Desires Boutique KellyHarness Dress.pngKelly Harness Dress (TWE12VE)

Price: 199L$


June 3 SKIRT & TOP SLC Double Ruffle Satin Mini & Spaghetti Strap FloSummer Fun

Price: 483L$

June 4 SLC Sheer LaceLacy Summer Fae

Price: 448L$

June 5 DRESS S&B Summer Lace Tube Dress pastels_001Summer Lace

Price 248L$

June 7 SWIMSUIT Love Lace Princess Bikini (JS2)_001Lovely Swimsuit Princess

Price 340L$

June 9 SKIRT & TOP SLC Long Bhoemian Skirt & Spaghetti Strap Tank BeautyBohemian Summer

Price: 348L$

June 10Country GirlsCountry Girls

Price: 528L$

June 11 DRESS Chuck Size Bonnie Blazer DressSummer Suit (TWE12VE)

Price: 437L$

June 12 normal-sexy-nurseSexy Nurse

Price 349L$

June 13 SHORTS Lefashion Whore Shelly shorts & Natalie Top.pngSummer Dreams (TWE12VE)

Price: 497L$

June 15 DRESS Kaliko Timeless Sandy (Twelve)Timeless Sandy

Price: 199L$

June 17 SLC - S&B Summer OutfitsSexy Sassy Summer Dress

Price: 258L$ each

June 18 Loordes of London Splitting Hairs.pngFashion Fishing

Price: 254L$

June 20 Desire Wired TopDesire the Wired Lassie

Price: 285L$

June 21 PP Betty SummerBetty Boop Summer

Price: 285L$

June 22 Sevyn East NauticalNautical Fun

Price: 376L$

June 23 S&B Tight Micro Mini Bling_001.pngSexy and Sporty

Price: 198L$

June 25love lace & Reign Flouncy Fun Bikini (TWE12VE)

Price: 170L$

June 27INdependance Independence Day

Price: 484L$

June 28 SLC Crazy Mini Skirt & S&B Hottest Baby LingerieSexy Summer Vibes

Price 258L$

June 30 DESIRE Kate BittyKate Bitty Desire

Price: 323L$


July 1 Criss MarinaToddleeDoo Summer Fun

Price: 40L$

July 5 SKIRT & TOP SLC Amber Skirt & Spaghetti Strap TankCoy Little Vixen

Price: 304L$

July 9 SKIRT SET S&B Shiny Leather.png Some like it Hot or Not

Price: 358L$

July 11 LINGERIE Irrisistible Betty BlueInspirationally Irrisistible Betty

Price: 350L$

July 13 DRESS S&B Lace Shift Dress Starfish & Lace

Price: 349L$

July 16 PANTS SET Royal Pains Sailor TDRocking the Boat ToddleeDoo Style

Price: 75L$

July 17 S&B SwimsuitSexy Safety Patrol

Price: 287L$

July 27 SLC Lace DressLacy Summer Days

Price: 399L$

July 29 SLC Independance Gown.pngMiss America

Price: 613L$


August 1

Day at the beachDolphin Fun

Price: 198L$ Adult; 50L$

August 6 S&B Crochet Top and Jeans Shorts_001A Windy Summer Evening

Price: 198L$

August 8 Dress S&B LacePeaceful Elegance

Price: 198L$

August 13LINGERIE S&B ~ Hot Latex Lingerie Appliers

Sexy Secrets

Price: 149L$

August 20 Royal Pain Animal SwimsuitDolphin Ride (Toddleedoo)

Price: 99L$

August 29

S&B Summer SetSummer Conversations

Price: 497L$


September 2S&B GownYou Can’t Touch This

Price: 286L$

September 5RP Royal Glam Gold 2017Golden Glam Butterflies

Price: 99L$

September 18Sweet & NaughtySweet & Naughty

Price: 428L$

September 239-23-17 Inspired to CherInspired to Cher

Price: 424-450L$

September 25 9-25-17 Royally Back to School Pants9-25-17 Royally Back to School DressRoyally Back to School

Price: 50L$

September 26 9-26-16 Magical Baby GirlMagical Baby Girl

Price: 349L$


October 2

10-1-17 Halloween Cutie PieHalloween Cutie Pie

Price: 99L$

October 8

10-8-17 Prettiest Lace Lingerie TaySensual Music

Price: 99L$

October 13

10-12-17 Scared SexyScared Sexy

Price: 149L$

October 22

10-21-17 Halloween Teddy bearRoyal Halloween Cuddles

Price: 99L$

October 24

10-23-17 Giulia Design Pink InspirationsCher the Sexy Fashion

Price: 299L$


November 17

11-17-17- Best Brats.png

Best Brats

Price: 550-695L$

November 25

11-27-17 My Heart Goes On

My Heart Goes on

Price: 305L$


December 10

12-11-17 TWE12VE Winter Treats

TWE12VE — Winter Treats

Price: 224L$

December 13

12-13-17 TWE12VE Baby Its Cold OutsideTWE12VE — Baby It’s Cold Outside

Price: 277L$

December 17

12-16-17 Hello My Sweet PrincceTWE12VE — Hello My Sweet Prince

Price: His 150L$ Hers 436L$

December 18

12-17-17 Christmas Memories

2017 Christmas Memories

Price: 225L$

December 21

12-21-17 Best Gifts Ever!

Best Gift Ever!

Price: 337L$ – 399L$

December 23

12-21-17 Christmas Shopping Trip

Christmas Shopping Trip

Price: 229L$ – 493L$

December 29

12-29-17 TWE12VE - Frostie's My Bestie

TWE12VE — Winter Fun

Price: 652L$

December 30

12-30-17 TWE12VE - Holiday Toast

TWE12VE — Holiday Treats

Price: 120L$