Sweet Sweater and Leggings


Picture by Tisephone November 2016


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NOTES: Fatpack price $199 (Limited time). Available also in Black and Rose
Items Designers
TOP  60L$ Loose Sweater  serina-lacava-colletcion-logo-256x256
SKIRT  included with Sweater Leggings  serina-lacava-colletcion-logo-256x256
SHOES  50L$  Cinema Femme Heels  ANE Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive
ACCESSORIES  0L$  Chain and Key (With HUD)  Do Lubitsch
Note from Caly: If you have followed my blog regularly, you may have noticed that I use items I have previously purchased on previous outfits. I have noted items from previous outfits with stars (*). By having items that can be used across multiple outfits I lower my cost. Also please feel free to make the look your own by changing or adding accessories or shoes. The hairs mentioned in each outfit are not part of the cost of the outfit.
Optional Purchases

(not included in the price of the outfit)

Items Details
HAIR 250L$ Magika Curious HUD 03

(These rarely change and are not part of the outfit price)

Maitreya Lara Mesh body Ikon Sovereign Eyes (Sky) Danika Karma Shape/Skin Peachy Beach
SLink Feet Deluxe HUD SLink Hand Fatpack

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