Luxe Box (October 2016)


Picture by Calystia Moonshadow October 2016


lux-glided-dress-by-isonXylobium Boots The HUD for these boots allow for them to match most outfits.  You can change the straps around the ankle to a complimentary color.
Flowey lux-flowey-adele-top_001Adele Top This velvety top has 5 color options and is a great option for a casual shopping trip, hanging with friends or a date with that special guy/gal.
Foxes lux-tres-leather-skirt-foxy-jacket-and-bra_001Leather Jacket and Bra This leather jacket and bra ensemble is  great. I love that the HUD allows you to change the jacket color as well as the bra color.


{LUX} Glided Dress by Ison.pngGuilded Dress This dress is HUDded to allow for a look for many occasions.


Lamb Vertigo.pngVertigo Fat pack of options to complete any look.


lux-mish-mish-skelly-kittySkelly Kitty This cute adorable kitty is great for any gothic or halloween outfit.



Fat pack of options to complete any look.

Jeune by Rowne

lux-jeune-denim-booiler-by-rowne_001Denim Boiler

Jeune’s Denim Boiler is a good casual outfit for hanging out with friends or exploring what SL has to offer.

Scarlet Creative Scarlet Creative Myrtle Mews.pngMyrtle Mews This cute cottage has 2 size. The large is pictured. The inside is quite cozy.


Autumn Attic_001.pngAutum Attic This quaint skybox is great for a starter apartment.


lux-teefy-neve_001Neve This sexy dress is great for clubbing, shopping, or just dancing with friends.

Tres Bla

lux-tres-leather-skirt-foxy-jacket-and-bra_001Leather Mini Skirt This HUDded leather mini is great addition to any wardrobe. I love the color variations.

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