Getting Started: Shopping Tips

Welcome back to BabyGirl’s Budget Fashions. This blog for those in SL that are on a budget or just don’t like to spend a lot on clothes. My goal is to create an outfit for under 500L$. I will post on average 2 outfits each weekend. Once a month I will post helpful hints on how to build your accessories or wardrobe with interchangeable items.

If you follow my blog and purchase as we go some outfits will actually cost less than stated. I will place a star (*) beside items that were purchased on previous outfits. By having these items already you cut the cost you are spending on the new outfit.

This month we are going to talk about shopping smart. I have already shared a few of my shopping secrets in the previous month’s hint. One is to purchase HUD items. These items cost one price but allow you many looks. Another way is check out groups for group gifts. These are items that usually cost between 0L$ to 10L$. Most of the groups are free to join. However there are a few groups that cost money. Before I spend money to join a group, I look at the gifts, then the variety of clothing and what the group has to offer. For example,  Slipper’s Originals cost 99L$ to join. You receive notices for group gifts and special events. You also receive 5% discount on purchases at the inworld vendors when you wear you tag. There are even groups out there that have organized designers to give discounted items once a week. A few of these groups are Fifty Linden Fridays, 60L Weekends, 50 Linden Saturdays Trendy Trinity, and Thirty-five Thursdays.

Another way that I save money is I watch my group notices for sales and talk with friends. You will be amazed at how many places offer sales at the end of each season to make way for the new line. Don’t forget to check the Market Place. I find loads of deals you can’t get inworld cause the vendor either no longer has a shop or has just discontinued carrying the item inworld.

Of course there is nothing wrong with a little splurging now and again. I have recently taken to purchasing the LUXE BOX each month for a fabulous surprise from 12 well renowned SL Designers.  Sure it is 1500L$, yes, that is A LOT for most of us but you get well over the value in clothing, shoes, hair, accessories, and furnishings.

Just remember that a smart shopper uses all their tools, finds the best deals, and looks great doing it.

HINT: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, always get a demo FIRST! It saves you money in the long run. The worst thing I have found is to spend 300L on an outfit to find that I either glitch through it or that it doesn’t work right on my body.

Adhelle by Angel's Designs_001

Please feel free to share your favorites Groups with group gifts!

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