Luxe Box (September 2016)


Picture by Calystia Moonshadow October 2016

Blueberry luxe-box-september-blueberry-jeans_001 Jeans These unbutton jeans are both comfortable and sexy. Great for that casual night at home.
Flowey luxe-box-september-flowey-scartlet-top_001Scarlet Top I love how this top looks. The color HUD allows for it to go with so many different things.
Foxes luxe-box-september-foxes-club-dress_001Club Dress This dress is amazing no matter the club are rocking there is a look for it.


luxe-box-september-ison-suede-pants_001Suede Pants Who doesn’t love a pair of soft suede pants? These comfortable pants with color HUD options are a great addition to any wardrobe.


luxe-box-september-lamb-gold_001Gold This hair is truly gold. With the variety of HUDs that arrived with this style there is not end to the looks you can have.


luxe-box-mishmish-red-panda_001 Red Panda This cute and cuddly red panda comes with 4 static pose you can hold or display and on companion to follow you around.


luxe-box-september-moon-chelsea-dagger_001 Chelsea Dagger This beautiful hair gives a bit of ethereal eloquence.
REIGN luxe-box-september-reign-villentiVillenti Reign shoes are always a plus. I love how simple these shoes are. They can be dressed up by an eloquent gown or dressed down by you favorite jeans.
Scarlet Creative luxe-box-scarlet-creative-skybox_001Skybox This lovely skybox is rectangular and symmetrical. Great for the small plots and a starter home or small party location.


luxe-box-september-tarte-crate-bed_001Upcycled Pallet Bed This comfy pallet bed makes a great addition to a garden spot or even a tree house.


teefy-kaori-petal-shorts_001Kaori Petal Shorts This fat pack of cute shorts comes in black (shown), blush, candy, chocolate, dreamy, minty, royal, scarlet and white.

Tres Bla

luxe-box-september-tres-blah-vneck-sweater_001 V-neck Sweater

Comfortable, casual, and great for most occasions.


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