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Getting Started: Shoes

Welcome back to BabyGirl’s Budget Fashions. This blog for those in SL that are on a budget or just don’t like to spend a lot on clothes. My goal is to create an outfit for under 400L$. I will post on average 2 outfits each weekend. Once a month I will post helpful hints on how to build your accessories or wardrobe with interchangeable items.I have recently added Freebie Friday. The First Friday of every month I will post an outfit that is totally free and doesn’t look like you found it in a newbie area.

If you follow my blog and purchase as we go some outfits will actually cost less than stated. I will place a star (*) beside items that were purchased on previous outfits. By having these items already you cut the cost you are spending on the new outfit.

This month we are going to talk about shoes. How do I get more shoes with less inventory space and lindens? Well first I look at what outfits I have and then see if I can find one pair of shoes that I can use more than once. Sometimes this is using shoes that came with a previously purchased outfit. Other times I look for shoes with color/texture HUDs. Fat packs and HUDded shoes cost a bit more but then look at how many pairs you are getting. For example a pair of shoes with 12 textures for 199L is like buying 12 pairs of shoes. That balances out to about 16L per pair.

Also when buying shoes check out your feet. I have the SLINK HUD for all five feet. This makes shoe buying a breeze as I just look for SLINK on the shoes and I know I can wear them. I also try to keep a variety of types of shoes from flats to stilletoes to sneakers. This way I have something for every outfit.

HINT: Want to really WOW your friends? Join Designer Shoe groups and get free shoes that are only available to group members..

Adhelle by Angel's Designs_001

Chic and Shoes
(250L$ – 265L$)
Venus Shoes
(100L$ – 1250L$)
Pretty Things to Wear
(10L$ – 1650L$)
Slipper Original
(250L$ – up)

Please feel free to share your favorites Hair Stylist either INWORLD or on the MARKETPLACE. I’d love to add them to the list of GREAT PLACES TO GET HAIR!