2016 year in Review



July 15Calystia MoonShadow Bare Essentials July 17 407 L$Autumn Fae

Price: 407L$

July 20 Casual Denim and HalterCasual Denim

Price: 248L$

July 23274 L$Morgen Casual Style by Brii Price: 274L$ July 27 MollsGangsters & Molls

Price: 376L$

July 30 280 L$Daddy’s Fanourite by PPD Price: 280L$


August 3 104 L$Lover’s Nightshirt

Price: 104L$

August 5Flirty Poppy Skirt and Top by BMFlirty Poppy Top & Skirt FREE OUTFIT August 6TELMA TOP AND BUTTERFLY SKIRTTelma Top and Butterfly Skirt

Price: 337L$

August 10 Allison DivinityAlliston Divinity

Price: 375L$

August 13 Kismet's Rawhide Halter and Comfy Bell Bottoms BlogKismet’s Rawhide Halter & Comfy Bell Bottoms

Price: 365L$

August 15 Calystia MoonShadow Hair
August 17 Prism Denim BlogPrism Denim

Price: 399L$

August 20 Cami & Capris blogCami and Capris

Price: 198L$

August 24 Aloha Bikini and cover blogAloha Bikini

Price: 51L$

August 27 Lady in Red 80s style blogLady in Red 80’s Style Price: 262L$ August 31 Sexy Dancer Sexy Dancer

Price: 86L$


September 2 Prism Nisha by Journey blogPrism Nisha by Journey FREE OUTFIT September 3Amonet Casual Style (Lilac) by BriiAmonet Casual Style (Lilac by Brii) 

Price: 130L$

September 7VM Roman Red Roman Red by Vero Modero

Price: 376L$

September 10Flirty Sexy Top and  KK Leather Mini blogFlirty Top & Leather Mini Price: 215L$ September 10simply-sexy-summerSimply Sexy Summer

Price: 195L$

September 14 up-in-air-dress-by-vero-modero UpInAir Dress by Vero Modero

Price: 261L$

September 15 Calystia MoonShadowShoes September 17Can't Adult blogCan’t Adult by Envious Price: 394L$ September 18 dark-angel-crimson-gown-blogBonita Crimson Gown


September 20 fantasitcally-crystalline-inspirations-blogFantasical Crystalline Inspirations  .

Price: 460L$

September 21
purple-micro-mini-blogSaira Dress by Rowena’s DesignsPrice: 498L$
September 21
alessandra-blogRomano by Alessandra Price: 325L$
September 24Gizza Top and MiniGizza Knotted Tank & Shorts

Price: 372L$

September 28 take-me-color-by-vm Take Me Color Dress by Vero Modero

Price: 401L$

September 30 kittycat-jumpsuit Sexy Spacesuit by Vero Modero

Price: 375L$


October 1 Alice 2 by Brii Underground Blog.

Alice 2 by Brii

Price: 208L$

October 3 sexy-space-suit Sexy Spacesuit by Vero Modero

Price: 375L$

October 5 some-kind-of-wonderfulSome Kind of Wonderful by Mirror Mirror

Price: 355L$

October 7goddess-of-the-night Goddess of the Night by Mirror Mirror


October 8


Burning Giraffe Turtleneck Mini by Ghee

Price: 498L$

October 10 autumn-delight Autumn’s Delight by Vero Modero

Price: 316L$

October 12 kisment-shattered-blogShattered

Price: 488L$

October 15sexy-lynx-blogExotic Lovely Princess by Dirty Princess

Price: 457L$

October 15
Calystia MoonShadowGetting Started Shopping Tips
vm-red-dot-hunt-composit Vero Modero Red Dot Hunt Lady’s Collection

Price:  25L$ each

October 19indian-summer-b Indian Summer by Petit Chat

Price: 675L$

October 22 country-girl-blogJunina Caipirinha Costume by Brii

Price: 124L

October 24take-me-gold-b Take Me Gold

Price: 300L$

October 26 crime-fighter-abbyCrime Fighter Abby

Price: 368L$

October 27pc-ella-gown Ella Gown

Price:  175L$ — 519L$

October 29 rhps-frank-n-furterRocky Horror Picture Show: Frank N Furter Price: 439L$


November 2swetlana-complete Swetlana Complete Casual by Brii Price:  140L$ November 4high-fashion-gossib-girl High Fashion Gossip Girl by Hilly Halaan


November 5hungry-eyes Hungry Eyes by Mirror Mirror Price:  354L$
November 7autumn-lady-b Autumn Lady by Vero Modero

Price:  280L$

November 8just-startingJust Getting Started by Rowena’s Designs

Price:  350L$

November 11 sexy-uso-sailorSexy USO Sailor Price:  199L$
November 12rhonda-cherry-by-finale-couture Rhonda (cherry) by Finale Couture Price:  200L$ November 14lily-wool-skirt-by-vm Lily Wool Skirt (Brown) by Vero Modero

Price:  349L$

November 16 wwpe-2016-chs-designsWitches Wear Prada CH’s Designs Price:  298L$ -433L$
November 19 harvest-graceHarvest & Grace Price:  570L$ November 21vm-desire Vero Modero Desire Dress

Price:  280L$

November 23corset-dress-element Witches Wear Prada Element Dress

Price:  200L$

November 23sweater-jeansSweater & Leggins by SLC Special Posting November 26in-chains-by-pc Felt In Chains

Price:  545L$

November 28stars-tank_001 Autumn Star Tank and Capris

Price:  208L$

November 30toys-for-tots-prizes-by-lazzira Toys for Tots by Lazzira


December 2sweater-set-by-hilly-halaan Winter Fun


December 3autumn-redAutumn In Red

Price: 149L$

December 5slc-chritsmas-school-girlChristmas School Girl

Price: 428L$

December 7fun-in-the-snowFun in the Snow

Price: 339L$

December 10


Flirty Nightshirt by Flippant

Price: 179L$

December 12back-in-black_001Back in Black

Price: 300L$

December 14december-flowerDecember Flower by MM

Price: 275L$

December 17winter-ball-gownWinter Ball Gown by SLC

Price: 249L$

December 19rainbow-dash-blog

Dash Dreams

Price: 215L$

December 21working-rendez-vous-by-pc

Working Rendez-Vous

Price: 245L$

December 24bath-timeBath Time

Price: 248L$

December 26winter-snowflake-ball-gown-by-pc-slcWinter Snowflake Ball

Price: 298L$

December 28b-prism-adalyn-by-journeyPrism Angie by Journey

Price: 149L$

December 31ice-blueIce Blue Gift